How to create enamel pins

How to create enamel pins

Liam B.
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Hi Creators!

Okay, so you’ve got an awesome idea for a pin that you want to create with us & share with your fans! What is the next step???

Traditionally this next step was a long and complicated process which involved a lot of trail and error. We have all heard the horror stories of artists spending a lot of money, then getting left with enamel pins they can't sell and then to make things worse, finding out there is no help or fix... We know this pain as it was our story when we started creating as artists over 5 years ago.

Today, this step is actually now pretty simple and straightforward, generally not taking longer than 2-4 weeks from order confirmation to being delivered to your door ready to sell and post.

The process fro creating your own pins can be broken down these easy steps.


We can accept .PDF, .Jpeg, .png, .Ai and pretty much any image format that is easiest for you and works for your design. (just make sure the resolution is of a high quality for some image formats)

Note: If you are not that good with digital art, simply scan your drawn art or take a photo to share with our team.

Here is a few design-related tips:

Keep it Simple

Enamel pins are small, usually between 1-2 inches, this means the detail in your design should be simple. A rule to follow is "If it does not add to the design, remove it". An over complicated design will end up looking messy and at times hard to recognise so use bold lines & strong colors.

- Pin cost is determined by the pin size, the amount of paint colors used, if it is hard or soft enamel and if you need any added features including packaging etc.

Avoid Shading & Fades

It's true! Shading helps to show depth to an image. On an enamel pin however we use real enamel paint which needs to be added to bordered/lined block off sections to stop it running and mixing into other colors. Think of an enamel pin as vector art, as an artist it may seem limiting at first but enamel pin art is something really fun to learn.

There is no need to stress! we will always guide you with you art and provide a production ready art-board before you approve your design to be created :) 

Also we provide professional design help if you are feeling you need some support. 



We can create pins with a wide variety of materials, including die-struck, 3D, laser-etched, hard enamel and soft enamel. The most common types are Hard Enamel and Soft Enamel pins. So what’s the difference?

Hard Enamel Pins

Hard Enamel pins are created by heating to a high temperature and then polishing to create a smooth hard surface which usually gives them a slightly heavier high-quality feel.

Soft Enamel Pins 

Soft enamel pis are created by lining the gaps with enamel paint to give the pin a textured surface, due to the lines of the design being raised. Soft enamel pins can generally allow for more detail than Hard enamel pins.

Both common pin styles look great, the best way to pick is to choose the right style to communicate your design, brand and project :)




Enamel pins are made from metal (commonly iron of nickel) which is cast from a mould in your pin set-up. This metal can be either plated or dyed to make your enamel pin design look great. Common plating options are Gold, Silver, Copper and Rose gold. Dying the metal means you can make the raised lines almost any color, common dyes are black and white.


Choose from Glitter, Epoxy (soft enamel only) and many Glow in the dark options.

We offer the largest range of materials of any factory and have worked with 24k Gold and precious stones. If you have a special request please contact us.


The size of a pin is always determined by the longest/widest length, a common size for an enamel pin are 1-2.5 inches.

Smaller pins (usually .75-1.25 inches in length) do not allow as much detail as larger pins (usually. 1.25 inches or more in length) but are easier to place or attach together.




This is the pin on the back of your design that allows a clutch to secure it onto something. Depending on the size of your pin you may want to use more than one pin-back to stop the pin from rotating and to make sure it doesn't as easily get lost. We always recommend using two pin-backs if possible to make sure your creation always stays in place to enjoy :)

Other options

Choose from other fixings including keychains, magnetic, chain, jewellery hook and many more, contact us if you have a special request.


We factories have a minimum of 100 units for your first order. I’d always recommend sticking to the minimum of 100 pins and then re-ordering more if it does well.

Most of the time, it’s very hard to predict how well your pin will be received and it’s always best to play it safe than order large quantities of a pin no one is buying.



The easiest way to get started is through our simple Enamel Pin quote builder or contact us with your idea.

This will help us to understand:

  • Your order cost
  • An accurate timeframe for how long your order will take to manufacture
  • How to pay, YES we accept 50% before production starts and 50% before delivery after we send you photo proof and you are happy.

After this we will ask for you delivery details again to make sure and send you a tracking number for your order.

Congratulations, put on your party hat! you have just created your first enamel pin with us :) 


Need help promoting your creation?

We offer every one of our creators FREE promotion to our community on instagram & facebook :) simply follow and tag us and we will repost for you with a kind message to follow & support you! 

Still have questions? Visit our other blogs to help answer your questions or simply contact us:

Thank you to our amazing community!

Liam B.

- Lead Artist

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